About us

Launched in June 2009 as the partner website for the Levyy Bereg weekly, LB.ua has since evolved into an independent news and analysis project.

In 2013, the website's monthly audience exceeded 3 million visitors and continued to grow.

Reporting by LB.ua is not impartial because its editorial office seeks to move away from "Western-style journalism", where journalists simply collect comments without having the right to express their own opinion.

Our editorial team:

  • Sonya Koshkina — executive editor
  • Oleg Bazar — editor in chief
  • Viktoriya Guerra — deputy editor in chief
  • Iryna Lysogor — News editor
  • Valentyna Mereshchuk — News editor
  • Kseniia Bilash — Culture and Blogs editor
  • Irena Skuratovska — Blogs editor
  • Anna Steshenko — special correspondent
  • Oleksandr Rudomanov — correspondent
  • Yaryna Klos — photo editor
  • Maksym Trebukhov — photo correspondent