• Tuesday, 14 July
  • Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett: "A 21st-century museum is a forum, not a temple"
    Daria Badior
    I wanted to start with today’s issues: Covid-19, presidential elections in Poland and the appointment of the new director of POLIN. How did these things affect the museum? Firstly…
  • Saturday, 16 May
  • Ryaboshapka: "Mrs. Venediktova told the president personally that I was selling criminal cases. In my presence."
    Sonya Koshkina
    People do not really go into detail, why the proceeding was initiated. An initiated proceeding has already a negative connotation. According to the decision of the Supreme Anticorruption…
  • Sunday, 10 May
  • Yana Barinova: “One should not confuse memorialisation and marketing. Memorialisation is deep drilling”
    Daria Badior
    As far as I understand, you worked at the BYHMC and were its chief operating officer from the very beginning?  Yes, I worked since 2015, virtually from the first day. Starting with…
  • Friday, 1 May
  • CIA Spymaster Jack Devine: "Putin will be in power for as long as he's healthy and wishes to be"
    Sasha Demchenko
    "My professional instincts would tell me the COVID-19 is not a man-made virus" How could it happen that the most powerful intelligence community in the whole world (US intelligence…
  • Friday, 17 April
  • Karel Berkhoff: “My impression is that the Memorial Center in Babyn Yar is becoming an art project”
    Daria Badior
    Why did you agree to be the Chair of a Scientific Council at Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in the first place? It was a while ago. Yana Barinova approached me in December 2015…
  • Thursday, 16 April
  • COVID-19 "Business Ambulance"
    Yuriy Chubatyuk
    Emergency Business Support in pandemic: Where and how does it work? Decisive actions to support the business, combined with measures to ensure that employees do not face a financial…
  • Tuesday, 24 March
  • The time of heroes
    Vadym Omelchenko
    This process has its own dramaturgy. At the human level, inductive psychosis and panic are balanced by the mass heroism of doctors, volunteers, police, and journalists. At the state…
  • Sunday, 22 March
  • Quarantine on digital technology terms
    Yuriy Chubatyuk
    Pandemic is shaking both business and consumers worldwide. With the ever-increasing presence of COVID-19, business leaders are struggling to keep up with a wide specter of problems…
  • Tuesday, 17 March
  • The world after the virus
    Vadym Omelchenko
    The world is changing every day and hour. It is already impossible to imagine our world as it used to be. Rome with its crowded (especially in the winter) squares, countless bars and…
  • Wednesday, 4 March
  • US Super Tuesday: Biden vs. Sanders
    Oleksandr Kostryba
    What is Super Tuesday? The US electoral system is quite complex for historical and geographical reasons. Before they elect the president, key US parties hold so-called “primary elections…
  • Friday, 21 February
  • New era
    Sonya Koshkina
    Surkov vs Kozak Significant changes have recently taken place in communications between Kyiv and Moscow.  As I said before, back in the middle of 2019, literally during their very…
  • Wednesday, 5 February
  • Trump's speech – making a case for a second term
    Sasha Demchenko
    In this speech, little was said about international politics (it was about domestic problems for the most part). However, there was nothing about Ukraine – there were only references…
  • Tuesday, 4 February
  • Finally Brexit. What Britain and Ukraine should expect
    Oleksandr Kostryba
    Transition period Although Boris Johnson has fulfilled his promise regarding the fast adoption of the agreement and exit from the EU, the so-called implementation period (or transition…
  • Sunday, 2 February
  • PACE that no longer is
    Sasha Demchenko
    Unnecessary naivety It would be strange if six months, before its triumphant return to the PACE session hall, Moscow did not prepare for a complete revenge. Should we be looking…
  • Saturday, 1 February
  • Trumponomics. What Trump has done to US economy
    Oleksandr Kostryba
    In 2020, the United States will hold a presidential election. While the Democratic Party camp focuses on the unusually competitive primaries, Donald Trump is gearing up for his election…