• Tuesday, 25 April
  • Vadym Omelchenko: No candidate with Trump-like charisma in France
    Oleg Bazar
    The first round of the election has taken place. How do you assess its results? Emmanuel Macron's supporters are celebrating victory. Marine Le Pen predictably made it to the second…
  • Sunday, 23 April
  • Conflict with North Korea may be Trump's red herring, the author of "Blowing Up Russia" says
    Kseniya Kirillova
    Yuri, you said on many occasions that Trump is Putin's agent. What do you think about the US bombing of Syria against this background? Can America's actions in Syria spoil relations…
  • Thursday, 20 April
  • In the name of the second term: constitution – change not leave
    Sonya Koshkina
      How things stand  "2019 is a settled issue. I'm surely running for the second term." In the recent months, Petro Poroshenko shared this idea, in one format or another, with his associates…
  • Wednesday, 5 April
  • International Court of Justice: legal "front" against Russia
    Igor Solovey
     On 6-9 March, the International Court of Justice held hearings on Ukraine's motion to introduce provisional measures against Russia in the case of the " Application of the International…
  • Post Scriptum. Visa-free travel: late flowers
    Sonya Koshkina
    Do you remember how the Maidan started? What was the reason for protests before students were beaten? Right, it started with the eve of the Vilnius summit, with demands to initial…
  • Friday, 31 March
  • The French elections, seen from Ukraine
    Vadym Omelchenko
    Today, the focus of all those who are following politics has shifted from the US to France. The election outcome there will impact the processes occurring globally. And there are certain…
  • Wednesday, 29 March
  • Post Scriptum: Those who stand in the way
    Sonya Koshkina
    Do you remember why Putin's Russia desperately started "tightening the screws"? When did a red carpet for the dictatorship first appear? You are right, it started with the adoption…
  • Thursday, 23 March
  • Denis Voronenkov's murder: scenarios and conclusions
    Igor Solovey
      "Denis Voronenkov was killed outside Premier Palace at 11.25. He was going to meet me. At loss for words. A guard managed to wound the attacker. The scenario is clear – I said before…
  • Wednesday, 22 March
  • Russia: how Cheka-coercive model of economy was built
    Aleksandr Sytin
    Russia is seeking to get to the top of the antiglobalist movement on a global scale. The most important element of this policy is anti-Americanism. Apart from geopolitics, there is…
  • Wednesday, 15 March
  • "There is such a job as protection from Russia"
    Igor Solovey
    British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed an anti-subversion minister on concerns about Russia's possible attacks on the country's election system. The new office is expected to…
  • Tuesday, 14 March
  • Secret of survival. Or why Lukashenka should forget about "brotherhood" with Russia
    Vadim Dovnar
    Belarusian leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka continues to make surprising statements which chauvinists in Russia may describe as anti-Russian. However, in practice, the invariable Belarusian…
  • Saturday, 11 March
  • Black swan. Second take
    Sonya Koshkina
    *** "Why didn't he leave at once? Why all this circus with a "heart attack" and the Feofaniya hospital? I put these questions to Nasirov, his close entourage, MPs who are protective…
  • Tuesday, 7 March
  • How the world should react to Russia's terrorist-destructive efforts
    Aleksandr Sytin
      The struggle for bases and positions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, which I talked about previously, gave "perfect results": millions of refugees escaping a civil…
  • Monday, 27 February
  • Ukraine on arms market: reality and myths
    Oleksandr Demchenko
    The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on 19 February published a report on arms transfers on the global market. Its rating puts Ukraine among the world's top-10…
  • Tuesday, 21 February
  • Regardless of faces: Russian provocations in UN Security Council continue
    Igor Solovey
    Although late Russia's top diplomat in the UN, Vitaliy Churkin, is yet to be buried, Moscow is already making publicity on his death. After the death of its leader, the Russian delegation…