• Thursday, 14 March
  • True budgets of fake states
    Andriy Palyvoda
    Separatist-controlled territories in the post-Soviet space — the "people's republics" unrecognized by the world — painstakingly pretend having their own working economies. But even…
  • Thursday, 7 March
  • Visa-free travel is under threat. Consequences of Ukraine-Israel "airport wars”
    Igor Solovey
    On Thursday, 28 February, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine suggested that visa-free regulations with Israel may be suspended if the rights of Ukrainian tourists and travellers continue…
  • Sunday, 3 March
  • Is Italy on the verge of a "Russiagate"?
    Iryna Kashchey
    Three million for European elections Last week the Italian weekly L'Espresso announced plans to publish a journalistic investigation, which immediately caused a stir. According to…
  • Thursday, 28 February
  • Bass, soprano and falsetto: the final aria
    Sonya Koshkina, Anna Steshenko
    Comedian’s blitzkrieg or "Zelenskyy like champagne" "Where do these colossal figures come from? How did he manage to increase them so swiftly?" ministers, deputies, oligarchs and…
  • Friday, 22 February
  • Airport wars
    Igor Solovey
    At Kyiv Boryspil airport, 35 Israeli tourists and 26 members of the ultra-orthodox group, who arrived on a flight from Israel on 15 February, were not allowed into Ukraine. Several…
  • Wednesday, 20 February
  • The West did little in response to Russia's annexation of Crimea and aggression in the Donbass, - UK's parliamentarian
    John Whittingdale
    I understand that February is an emotional time for many in Ukraine. Just five years ago, many Ukrainian citizens gave their lives in their fight for freedom against the corrupt…
  • Thursday, 7 February
  • Why Ukraine can’t appoint missing ambassadors
    Igor Solovey
    In total, Ukraine has 126 overseas offices: embassies (about 80), consulates general, representative offices at international organizations. And, traditionally, once a year Ukrainian…
  • Tuesday, 5 February
  • Who is behind Ulyana Suprun's suspension?
    Viktoriya Gerasimchuk
    A prophecy come true According to information available to, the cream of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction knew about the imminent suspension of Ulyana Suprun and that it would…
  • Wednesday, 30 January
  • Will Palestine become a new member of the UN?
    Volodymyr Yelchenko
    UN Charter Admission of new members to the United Nations is regulated by Article 4 of its Charter. In particular, it says that any state is accepted as a member of the UN based…
  • Saturday, 19 January
  • The first five: who are they?
    Anna Steshenko
    From 31 December to 3 February, presidential candidates can submit their documents for registration to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). Registration ends on 8 February. So…
  • Friday, 21 December
  • Take it or leave it! Putin presses for Belarus absorption
    Ihar Illyash
    The December crisis in Russia-Belarus relations came as a surprise to many. It seemed at least an open conflict was unlikely in the next few months after Lukashenka and Putin met…
  • Friday, 7 December
  • What has Russia achieved? Conclusions of five-year war
    Aleksandr Sytin
    What has Putin’s regime achieved by waging war against Ukraine and occupying some of its territories? It has lost for good an opportunity to use the human, industrial, intellectual…
  • Monday, 26 November
  • Azov standoff. Continuation
    Anton Mikhnenko
    Events at sea On 25 November, a Ukrainian boat team was sailing from the port of Odesa to the port of Mariupol. In accordance with the 2003 Ukrainian-Russian treaty on cooperation…
  • Friday, 23 November
  • Who targets Moscow-run church flock and why
    Dmytro Gorevoy
    Last week, parish groups of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC MP) in the Viber chat messenger received a request to share the trailer of Metropolitan Onufriy's…
  • Why is Moscow friends with Taliban terrorists?
    Oleksandr Demchenko
    A delegation from the Taliban, a terrorist organization as recognized by the UN Security Council in 2003, paid an official visit to Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation,…