• Saturday, 20 January
  • A real alternative to interrogation
    Iurii Mykhailov
    You came here as a lecturer on the topic of procedural interview and the experience of its implementation in Norway, and the most common mistakes in the administration of justice…
  • Friday, 19 January
  • Managing the fall
    Sonya Koshkina
    "We are drowning with him. But why should we?" Thus, the Seven (the name stems from the actual number of persons involved) failed to meet in its full composition. According to sources…
  • Thursday, 4 January
  • "Despite its might, Russian influence on Belarus is decreasing"
    Igor Solovey, Oleksandr Demchenko
    Reference: Tell the Truth is a Belarusian public organization which started as a campaign in Belarus in 2010. Belarusian poet Uladzimir Nyaklyayew (Vladimir Neklyayev) used it as a…
  • Monday, 11 December
  • Expectations and concerns. How China is building Silk Road across Eastern Europe
    Yuriy Poyta
    Following the third meeting of the Ukrainian-Chinese Cooperation Commission in Kyiv on 5 December, the sides signed, among other things, the Ukraine-China action plan on the implementation…
  • Wednesday, 6 December
  • Roofer Mikho, or Putin's useful idiots
    Sonya Koshkina
      An active part of the Ukrainian society mostly did not take well at all the July news about the annulment of Mikheil Saakashvili's Ukrainian citizenship. Not that they particularly…
  • Attempt No 2. Russian propaganda seeking to "dismiss" Angela Merkel again
    Igor Solovey
    Elections are over, buckle up The September parliamentary elections in Germany did not lead to the removal of Angela Merkel, whom the Kremlin hates. However, both the CDU (Christian…
  • Saturday, 2 December
  • Seize and divide. What risks does the new Russian budget create?
    Taras Step
    The economic situation poses the following main challenges for the authorities: First, budget spending will need to be increased ahead of the election. Second, regional debts continue…
  • Tuesday, 28 November
  • VIII National Expert Forum "Ukraine: Seeking Balance"
    Gorshenin Institute
    The VIII National Expert Forum "Ukraine: Seeking Balance" organised by the Gorshenin Institute and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and Belarus with the support of the National…
  • Wednesday, 22 November
  • Torn networks. How Facebook and Twitter are used to spread hate
    Vadim Dovnar
    Photo: In February 2017, Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu publicly announced that "the information operations troops" had been set up in the Russian Federation, which…
  • Thursday, 16 November
  • Serbia: Crimea test
    Irina Dzamic
    Serbia and Belarus are the only European countries to find themselves in the company of Cambodia, Bolivia, Eritrea, Uganda, Zimbabwe ... who voted against the draft UN resolution on…
  • Thursday, 9 November
  • Living a new life
    Sonya Koshkina
    As you know, last Tuesday I received the following private Facebook message: "The next target after Okuyeva is you. Prepare to die and wait for your death. Acid in the face. "  I must…
  • Monday, 6 November
  • The secret of Putin's propaganda
    Aleksandr Zhelenin
    First, the propaganda is really successful, which is confirmed by the high ratings of Putin among Russians. From 60% to 85% of them support him and his policies, especially the foreign…
  • Monday, 30 October
  • The first to go. The FBI is indicting Trump's team
    Igor Solovey
      The top story of the day is Paul Manafort's surrender to the FBI. The New York Times reported that at 8.15 local time (2.15 p.m. Kyiv time) Manafort entered the FBI office with his…
  • Wednesday, 25 October
  • Trade in pardons. How can Jagland's attempt to drag Moscow back to PACE end up?
    Igor Solovey
    Although the Council of Europe has been stonewalling Russia over its flagrant violations of international law, its Secretary-General Thorbjørn Jagland paid a visit to Moscow on 20…
  • Monday, 23 October
  • "Frame" Tehran, factor in Ukraine
    Andrey Starostin
    British Times reporter Anthony Lloyd found out that Russia had been supplying fuel to Taliban in Afghanistan for over 18 months. This investigation raised the curtain over Moscow's…