• Tuesday, 14 August
  • Lukashenka thunderbolted
    Dzyanis Lawnikevich
    End of the "hydrocarbon subsidy"  The last two decades the "Belarusian economic phenomenon" has been directly funded by Russia, which has supported economically its only true ally…
  • Sunday, 15 July
  • Fifth element of Ukrainian autocephaly
    Tetiana Derkach
    And the closer the date of the granting of Tomos, the more epic the struggle for it (or rather against it) gets. Just a year ago the two sides, Ukraine and Russia, could afford some…
  • Monday, 25 June
  • Tilted horizon
    Sonya Koshkina
    Early parliamentary elections. Risks are high, but it's worth trying "Holding early parliamentary elections would completely change the agenda in the country. And when it did, it…
  • Saturday, 23 June
  • Propaganda war against Ukraine's aspirations to gain Tomos on autocephaly
    Oleksandr Sagan
    Thesis 1: "Autocephaly in Ukraine will cause a split in the global Orthodoxy, which can only be compared with the division between East and West in 1054. If this happens, Orthodox…
  • Monday, 18 June
  • Supervisory board head: "No economic appropriateness in keeping PrivatBank’s business abroad"
    Andrii Ianitskyi
    Andrіі Іanitskyі: Ex-owners of Privat were developing it as an international bank. In the last years, the bank’s structural units or subsidiaries operated in Italy, Portugal, Russia…
  • Wednesday, 13 June
  • UN and World Cup Russia. A feast in time of plague
    Kateryna Lisunova
    UN leader Antonio Guterres has publicly "shuffled" international norms - from impermissible to acceptable. In a matter of few days, he managed to make the entire world feel awkward…
  • Tuesday, 12 June
  • IХ National Expert Forum by Gorshenin Institute
    Gorshenin Institute
    On 7 June, Kyiv hosted the IX National Expert Forum organised by Gorshenin Institute in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Ukraine&Belarus and East Europe Foundation. Traditionally…
  • Monday, 11 June
  • "Tactics of small steps" is misleading, or about proper steps towards Donbas reintegration
    Oleksandr Hanushchyn
    Following the IX National Expert Forum, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov outlined his vision of a strategy on the deoccupation and reintegration of the occupied territories in the policy…
  • Wednesday, 6 June
  • It’s too early to speak of an irreversibility of reforms
    Marcel Röthig
    However, this path is far from irreversible: all this is counteracted by serious failures and political aberrations. Although the anti-corruption unit NABU, founded after the Maidan…
  • Sunday, 3 June
  • Babchenko case: are Western media "playing with the truth?"
    Kateryna Lisunova
    Today a lot of international journalists are texting me with the same question: what do I think about the special operation of the SBU? For example, Reporters Without Borders (RSF…
  • Tuesday, 8 May
  • Ukrainian autocephaly as moral challenge
    Oleksandr Drabinko
    Why autocephaly? From the canon law perspective, autocephaly is a technical issue, so to speak. One of its key features from ancient times has been the way of electing the head of…
  • Monday, 30 April
  • Lukashenka is beefing up information defence. Who is the enemy?
    Ihar Illyash
    Back in February, Lukashenka unexpectedly reshuffled the management of the largest state-owned media and tasked career serviceman and national security expert Uladzimir Zhawnyak to…
  • Thursday, 12 April
  • Kinzhal, Sarmat and combat lasers. What weapon is Putin scaring the world with?
    Andrey Starostin
    In the case of Russia, first of all, we are talking about developments that are now at different stages of implementation: from an outline sketch to a certain "iron" form. At the…
  • Sunday, 8 April
  • Poisoned Europe: lesson not learnt
    Oleg Pokalchuk
    My Canadian colleagues wrote that the Skripal case had "the effect of a bomb that exploded near the High Park in Etobicoke" on Canadians. To explain, I would say that this is a 161-hectare…
  • Monday, 26 March
  • Hungary's unease with military unit in Berehove: what's behind?
    Valeriy Ryabykh
    The recent unfriendly rhetoric of Hungarian officials with regard to Ukraine no longer surprises anyone. Hungary's claims voiced by no other than Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter…