• Thursday, 18 October
  • New dimensions of Hungary-Ukraine conflict
    Igor Solovey
    Despite the mutual expulsion of consuls, as well as a series of unfriendly statements about Ukraine by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, which he blurted out after his…
  • Sunday, 14 October
  • Tomos for Ukraine: rocking the Moscow foundation
    Sonya Koshkina
    In fact, the entire legal (in terms of church canons) base was prepared to grant the tomos on autocephaly to Ukraine in Istanbul on 11 October. The next stage is the formalization…
  • Wednesday, 10 October
  • Edward Lucas: "Ukraine is particularly vulnerable to dirty money"
    Diana Manucharyan
    What publications besides The Economist help you to form a broad view of the world? Undoubtedly, it’s The Economist, I think the latter is the most influential weekly magazine in…
  • Friday, 5 October
  • The spectacular rise and fall of PrivatBank
    Andrii Ianitskyi, Graham Stack
    The night from Dec. 15–16, 2016, was frosty and clear. Twenty million clients of Ukraine’s largest bank, PrivatNank — half of all Ukraine’s adults — were fast asleep when the fate…
  • Tuesday, 18 September
  • Anxious neighbour. Hungary squabbles with Ukraine and the EU
    Igor Solovey
      The European Parliament has launched disciplinary proceedings against Hungary for financial abuse, non-transparency and breaches of core democratic values. In its report, the European…
  • Monday, 17 September
  • Three men in a boat and Akhmetov overboard
    Sonya Koshkina
      Here comes the crack: Medvedchuk as a "third partner" "We are being given the third partner. His last name is Medvedchuk," Yuriy Boyko solemnly told fellow party members in January…
  • Friday, 14 September
  •  Hungarian politicians in search of allies in Ukraine against new education law
    Igor Solovey
    A number of Hungarian politicians and their ideological comrades continue their efforts to build an international coalition in opposition to Ukraine: now it seems is the turn to unite…
  • Monday, 10 September
  • Ukraine must become a fortress
    Vitaliy Portnykov
    It became obvious that the inevitable departure from a social state which Russia has been even after the collapse of socialism drives the majority of Russians mad. Results of public…
  • Sunday, 9 September
  • Embarrassing mission. The DPR's sleek scheme in France
    Vadim Dovnar
    The highest tribunal of the city of Aix-en-Provence cancelled the hearing in the case on the cancellation of registration of the "DPR official representative office" in France three…
  • Thursday, 6 September
  • The season's premieres
    Sonya Koshkina
    Presidential administration. Euphoria The president's camp is buzzing. One may even say with euphoria, which has so far been unjustified. "He started his campaign back on 23 August…
  • Tuesday, 14 August
  • Lukashenka thunderbolted
    Dzyanis Lawnikevich
    End of the "hydrocarbon subsidy"  The last two decades the "Belarusian economic phenomenon" has been directly funded by Russia, which has supported economically its only true ally…
  • Sunday, 15 July
  • Fifth element of Ukrainian autocephaly
    Tetiana Derkach
    And the closer the date of the granting of Tomos, the more epic the struggle for it (or rather against it) gets. Just a year ago the two sides, Ukraine and Russia, could afford some…
  • Monday, 25 June
  • Tilted horizon
    Sonya Koshkina
    Early parliamentary elections. Risks are high, but it's worth trying "Holding early parliamentary elections would completely change the agenda in the country. And when it did, it…
  • Saturday, 23 June
  • Propaganda war against Ukraine's aspirations to gain Tomos on autocephaly
    Oleksandr Sagan
    Thesis 1: "Autocephaly in Ukraine will cause a split in the global Orthodoxy, which can only be compared with the division between East and West in 1054. If this happens, Orthodox…
  • Monday, 18 June
  • Supervisory board head: "No economic appropriateness in keeping PrivatBank’s business abroad"
    Andrii Ianitskyi
    Andrіі Іanitskyі: Ex-owners of Privat were developing it as an international bank. In the last years, the bank’s structural units or subsidiaries operated in Italy, Portugal, Russia…