• Thursday, 12 April
  • Kinzhal, Sarmat and combat lasers. What weapon is Putin scaring the world with?
    Andrey Starostin
    In the case of Russia, first of all, we are talking about developments that are now at different stages of implementation: from an outline sketch to a certain "iron" form. At the…
  • Sunday, 8 April
  • Poisoned Europe: lesson not learnt
    Oleg Pokalchuk
    My Canadian colleagues wrote that the Skripal case had "the effect of a bomb that exploded near the High Park in Etobicoke" on Canadians. To explain, I would say that this is a 161-hectare…
  • Monday, 26 March
  • Hungary's unease with military unit in Berehove: what's behind?
    Valeriy Ryabykh
    The recent unfriendly rhetoric of Hungarian officials with regard to Ukraine no longer surprises anyone. Hungary's claims voiced by no other than Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter…
  • Saturday, 17 March
  • Five facts about new NBU head
    Andrii Ianitskyi
    Fact 1. He is different from Hontareva Yakov Smoliy is more restrained than Valeriya Hontareva. Even during interviews, he speaks in such a low voice that you have to listen hard…
  • Sunday, 11 March
  • India, a battlefield for the defence industries of Ukraine and Russia
    Andrey Starostin
    From the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine to 2017, Kyiv's export capacity was significantly limited. But now it is breaking into the most promising markets. Promotion…
  • Sunday, 25 February
  • Russia seeking to regain control over Bulgaria's defence industry
    Vadim Dovnar
    At the end of last year, Ukraine tried to block a deal between the Bulgarian Defence Ministry and the Russian MiG concern. It concerned the overhaul of the MiG-29 fighters of the…
  • Thursday, 15 February
  • Wedding in Malinovka
    Sonya Koshkina
    So, according to the scenario designed by Bankova, the "three whales" of Poroshenko's campaign are planned to be: - mayors; - deputies elected in single-seat constituencies; - army…
  • Sunday, 11 February
  • Scandal with Ukrainian MiGs in Croatia
    Irina Dzamic
    The other day the Croatian newspaper Jutarni List reported that the Croatian Defence Ministry demands that Ukraine replaced the faulty MiG-21. Quoting "anonymous sources" in the Croatian…
  • Saturday, 3 February
  • US Treasury's "Kremlin list": will Putin's regime collapse as a result?
    Kseniya Kirillova
    At the same time, this list has already generated very contradictory responses both in the American establishment and in the expert community. On the one hand, a number of experts…
  • Wednesday, 31 January
  • Russian propaganda: a threat to Italian elections?
    Iryna Kashchey
    Fake stories in parliament The mere fact that this conference was held is already indicative: this topic has not been part of the public discourse in Italy until recently. Back in…
  • Monday, 22 January
  • A spark for "Europe's powder keg"
    Irina Dzamic
    Commissioners say that the security situation is under control, analysts warn that the attempt on the life of Ivanovic will have serious consequences. The leader of the Kosovo Serb…
  • Saturday, 20 January
  • A real alternative to interrogation
    Iurii Mykhailov
    You came here as a lecturer on the topic of procedural interview and the experience of its implementation in Norway, and the most common mistakes in the administration of justice…
  • Friday, 19 January
  • Managing the fall
    Sonya Koshkina
    "We are drowning with him. But why should we?" Thus, the Seven (the name stems from the actual number of persons involved) failed to meet in its full composition. According to sources…
  • Thursday, 4 January
  • "Despite its might, Russian influence on Belarus is decreasing"
    Igor Solovey, Oleksandr Demchenko
    Reference: Tell the Truth is a Belarusian public organization which started as a campaign in Belarus in 2010. Belarusian poet Uladzimir Nyaklyayew (Vladimir Neklyayev) used it as a…
  • Monday, 11 December
  • Expectations and concerns. How China is building Silk Road across Eastern Europe
    Yuriy Poyta
    Following the third meeting of the Ukrainian-Chinese Cooperation Commission in Kyiv on 5 December, the sides signed, among other things, the Ukraine-China action plan on the implementation…