• Saturday, 30 September
  • US military aid to Ukraine: opponents only catching panic
    Andrey Starostin
    Ukraine can become the first post-Soviet state to be granted an opportunity to buy modern unmanned combat aerial vehicles, UCAV. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin mentioned…
  • Tuesday, 26 September
  • What is behind Hungary's belligerent rhetoric on Ukraine?
    Of all Ukraine's neighbours, Hungary has gone farthest in its protests, its reaction has by far been the most belligerent. What is more, Budapest did not stop upping the ante. And…
  • Thursday, 14 September
  • Pavlo Hryb's abduction by Russian special services in Belarus. How is it going to affect Kyiv-Minsk relations?
    Igor Solovey
    The Russian state news agency TASS reported that a Ukrainian national, 19-year-old Pavlo Hryb, is in Krasnodar. He is under arrest until 17 October on charges of "supporting terrorism…
  • Tuesday, 12 September
  • A swansong
    Sonya Koshkina
    Resistance to evil by violence The late July news that Petro Poroshenko stripped Mikheil Saakashvili of citizenship mostly prompted extremely negative reaction from the active part…
  • Sunday, 10 September
  • Putin's peacemaking game: is there a chance to have "blue helmets" in Donbas?
    Igor Solovey
    Putin's statement on a UN peacekeeping mission in Donbas has received considerable media attention (and it was justified). However, further interpretations of his actions were different…
  • Thursday, 7 September
  • Running in place
    Sonya Koshkina
    How to win the campaign. About refrigerators and TV "Who, if not him?" the presidential administration likes to say about Poroshenko's second term. What they mean when they say this…
  • Thursday, 17 August
  • Information lessons of "rocket crisis"
    Igor Solovey
    As soon as a day after The New York Times published an article alleging that North Korea got parts for its intercontinental ballistic missiles from Ukraine, which their president…
  • Monday, 7 August
  • Saakashvili. Under-dictatorship. Ellipsis
    Sonya Koshkina
    *** According to a whole number of sources (and some media reports), the president signed the decree to strip Mikheil Saakashvili of citizenship after the presidential administration…
  • Friday, 4 August
  • Russia in the world: from G8 to "axis of evil"
    Aleksandr Sytin
    Russia's foreign policy approached the next peak of the crisis, and it seems that experts and journalists, who have been paid by the government for 10 years now, starting with Putin's…
  • Wednesday, 2 August
  • "Wait for an answer, bastards." What can Russia do to Romania?
    Igor Solovey
    Rogozin, who is subject to EU sanctions, was planning to visit Chisinau first and then go to the breakaway Dniester region to attend the celebrations on the occasion of the 25th…
  • Sunday, 30 July
  • British precedent. With Stimson behind bars, is Graham Phillips next?
    Sergey Ilchenko
    A court in Manchester sentenced a British citizen, 41-year-old Oldham resident Benjamin Stimson to five years and four months in prison, having found him guilty of terrorist activities…
  • Friday, 21 July
  • Malorossiya as an example of ideological war against Ukraine's integrity
    Igor Solovey
    On 18 July, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people's republic (DPR), Oleksandr Zakharchenko, declared the establishment of a "transitional state, Malorossiya". Ukraine…
  • Wednesday, 19 July
  • Do Russian protests stand a chance?
    Kseniya Kirillova
    According to sociologists, the number of protests in Russia in April-June 2017 increased by one third compared with the beginning of the year. During this period, 378 opposition events…
  • Wednesday, 12 July
  • Workings of Russian propaganda in Eastern Europe
    Vadim Dovnar
    CZECH REPUBLIC Since the Ukrainian crisis, around 40 websites and other channels (Facebook and YouTube) have been engaged in disinformation campaigns in the Czech Republic. The most…
  • Friday, 30 June
  • To strike or not to strike. Scenarios of Russia’s expansion
    Aleksandr Zhelenin
    Any forecast would be unreliable. However, trying to answer this question, one can say with a high degree of probability that Russia will continue its external expansion. This certainty…