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Zelenskyy names main task of new State Security Administration head: only patriots should work there

The President stressed the need to transform governance.

Zelenskyy names main task of new State Security Administration head: only patriots should work there
Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Oleksiy Morozov
Photo: President's office

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has introduced the new head of the State Security Administration of Ukraine, Colonel Oleksiy Morozov, and stressed that his main task is to "ensure that the department employs only patriotic professional people who associate their fate exclusively with Ukraine."

Zelenskyy wrote about this in a Telegram. 

The President added that the department needs to modernise its structure and work to ensure that it meets the requirements of wartime. 

"The new head of the department has carte blanche to make changes. We need new approaches to working with personnel - without Sovietism," the president stressed.

It is also necessary to increase the level of combat and mobilisation readiness of personnel and new approaches to recruiting personnel for the department. 

In addition, the material and technical and training bases of the Administration need to be improved, in particular, the Administration's own training ground should be created, and a modern specialised security training centre should be established on the basis of the Institute of the State Security Administration of Ukraine.

"And, of course, the Administration must be cleared of all those who choose not to live in Ukraine or discredit the State Security Administration. Your task is to ensure the security of the key institutions of our state. I thank everyone who performs this task in good faith," the Head of State added.

In turn, Oleksiy Morozov said that he would justify the President's trust with actions, not speeches. He also asked the audience to support the transformation of the Administration, including the implementation of the initiatives he will propose.

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