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Dnipropetrovsk mayor enlists opposition rival as deputy

The mayor believes Svitlana Yepifantseva to be "integral, reckless and uncompromising".

Dnipropetrovsk mayor enlists opposition rival as deputy
Svitlana Yepifantseva

Dnipropetrovsk mayor Borys Filatov has offered a post of his deputy to the head of the Dnipropetrovsk city branch of the Opposition Bloc, Svitlana Yepifantseva.

"These days I took a decision which will make many cringe. I myself offered Svitlana Yepifantseva to become my deputy. Yes, yes. No-one planted Svitlana on me but I voluntarily invited her to work. Yes, yes. Yepifantseva. The head of the city office of the Opposition Bloc. Yes, yes. My main competitor in constituency No 27 in the parliamentary election. Yes, yes. [Opposition Bloc's leader Oleksandr] Vilkul's right hand," Filatov said on Facebook.

"Sveta [short for Svitlana] is very integral, reckless and uncompromising. Therefore we will certainly make a good team," he said.

He said that Dnipropetrovsk voters' preferences "split exactly in half", which was one of the reasons behind his decision.

"Let Yepifantseva now express and protect the opinion of the other half of Dnipropetrovsk. She has a serious post now. In fact we are introducing the post of the city ombudsperson in line with European standards," he said.

In 2012, Yepifantseva caused a stir after she posted the photos of her in underwear online.

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