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Tymoshenko expects to see Zelenskyy in runoff

She dismissed the exit poll results as "crude fraud" and "manipulation".

Tymoshenko expects to see Zelenskyy in runoff

Fatherland party leader Yuliya Tymoshenko is confident that the results of the first round of the Ukrainian presidential election will differ significantly from exit poll results. She expects it to become obvious on 1 April.

"By midnight, we will have a significant share of electronic vote count reports from polling stations, we will have over 50% of reports. By the morning, we will have 70-90%, and by the end of tomorrow, we will certainly have all the original vote count reports. And the whole country will see the real results of the vote in the first round," she told

She insists that the exit polls were "crude fraud" and "manipulation".

"I think I will compete with Volodya Zelenskyy in the runoff and I think that life will show how these elections end," she concluded.

According to the National Exit Poll, Zelenskyy scored 30.6%, incumbent President Petro Poroshenko, 17.8%, and Tymoshenko, 14.2%.

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