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Scoop of the day: Riffmaster under house arrest; Mendel steps down

Scoop of the day: Riffmaster under house arrest; Mendel steps down

Sheremet's case

Kyiv's Shevchenkivskyy district court has released serviceman and musician Andriy Antonenko (Riffmaster) from jail under 24-7 house arrest. Antonenko, who is accused of murdering journalist Pavel Sheremet by a controlled car blast in central Kyiv in 2016, was detained in late 2019 amid what many see as slim evidence.


The supervisory board of the national oil and gas company Naftogaz of Ukraine (Naftohaz Ukrayiny) has announced its resignation in full, the company's press service has said. "We have held a meeting with the newly-appointed chairman and members of the board. The latter expressed their concern over the possibility of continuing their further work," the statement reads. Earlier, the supervisory board expressed its disagreement with the government's decision to dismiss CEO Andriy Kobolyev and replace him with Yuriy Vitrenko.


The parliamentary ad hoc commission has recognized as unsatisfactory the work of the supervisory board and the board of the Ukrainian railway company Ukrzaliznytsya. The commission is planning to suggest the Cabinet of Ministers dismiss them.

Presidential spokesperson

Presidential press secretary Yuliya Mendel has tendered her resignation but will reportedly continue working at the presidential office.


Some 500,000 doses of the Sinovac vaccine have arrived in Ukraine, the Health Ministry has said.


The navies of Ukraine and Romania will hold a joint exercise in Odesa Region, Riverine 2021, this autumn, according to the Ukrainian Defence Ministry. The navies seek to strengthen regional security and improve interoperability. Ukraine will be represented by a group of small armoured artillery cutters, a harbor minesweeper, an assault landing ship or cutter, a marine unit, and the Ukrainian Navy's aviation.

Controversial march

The presidential office has criticised the recent march in Kyiv which commemorated the creation of the Waffen SS Galicia division, a predominantly Ukrainian unit of the German military in World War Two. "We flatly condemn any manifestations of propaganda of totalitarian regimes, including the national-socialist, and attempts to review the truth about World War Two," it said, urging police to investigate the case.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry also condemned the march.

However, the Galicia division's symbols include no Nazi symbols and are not banned, the unit's members were not convicted during the Nuremberg trial and the unit was not recognised as criminal, notes.


A drug mule carrying 1 kg of cocaine in his stomach has been detained at Kyiv Boryspil airport upon arrival.

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