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Scoop of the day: Acting energy minister resigns - source

Scoop of the day: Acting energy minister resigns - source


Zaporizhzhya and Khmelnytskyy regions will join the red coronavirus zone as of 9 April, according to Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleh Nemchinov.

The Health Ministry has said that out of nearly 300,000 vaccinations, side effects were observed in 816 cases only. It added that 99.1% of the side effects were minor.

Exclusive: The secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, Maksym Stepanov, has said in an interview with that the issue of dismissing Health Minister Maksym Stepanov is not on the agenda. "Now is not the time to replace Stepanov – he is the key to all contacts on vaccination," Danilov said.

Ukraine registered 15,415 new Covid-19 cases and 481 fatalities on the morning of 7 April. A total of 320,265 Ukrainians have been vaccinated so far.

Minister out?

Exclusive: Acting Energy Minister Yuriy Vitrenko has tendered his resignation letter, government sources have told He did this even before he visited Qatar as part of the government delegation. He allegedly disappointed the presidential office because he had failed to find a common language with the prime minister.


Ukraine's top negotiator on Donbas, 87-year-old Leonid Kravchuk has told Ukrayina 24 TV that he would defend Ukraine in case of war. "I will shoot until the last, until I can hold arms in my hands, for as long as I see the enemy. I did not invite that son of a bitch to my doorstep. I will kill him once I see him. I do not care what will happen next," he added.

According to Kravchuk, while Russia is trying to scare Ukraine with a war, in fact it is not ready for it.

A Ukrainian serviceman was wounded by mortar fire in Donbas, the East Operational Tactical Group has reported. Since midnight, Russia-backed militants have violated the ceasefire four times.

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