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​​Great Britain is imposing sanctions against Russia

They are to aimed against VTB, Aeroflot, Russian oligarchs, former Putin’s son-in-law is in the list.

​​Great Britain is imposing sanctions against  Russia
Photo: Twitter

Britains Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that his country is implementing sanctions against Russia due to the military aggression against Ukraine. The news has been reported by British Sky. 

The action plan of British government includes 10 components. Amongst them:

Britain is to froze assets of all big Russian banks with immediate freezing of VTB's assets (the estimated amount is 154 billion pounds);

To pass the law that bans Russian companies to source financing in British markets

· impose sanctions on individuals and legal entities, as well as their subsidiaries, whose structure of ownership include Rostech, Russia's largest defense company

· Britain wants to ban Aeroflot flights to land on Britain soil

· To stop immediately the usage of export licenses to Russia (these may be, for example, electrical components or parts for military equipment);

· To pass the law that will ban export of the wide spectrum of technological innovation

· To implement changes to existing laws which will limit the amount of funds that could be deposited and kept to the accounts opened in UK

· Britain should discuss with its G7 and NATO allies the possibility of closing access to the SWIFT payment system 

Britain aims to extend all these sanctions to Belarus. Britain’s Prime Minister says that sanctions are to be implemented to the number of oligarchs close to Kremlin.

Amongst those - the youngest billionaire and ex Putin’s son-in-law Kiril Shamalov, Petro Fradkov, Chief Executive Officer of PSB Bank, Denis Bortnikov, Deputy President of VTB Bank, Yuriy Slyusar, General Director of the United Aircraft Corporation, and Olena Georgieva, General Director of Novikombank.

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