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Ukrainian SES launches information chatbot in WhatsApp

The channel was created to inform Ukrainians about emergencies reliably

Ukrainian SES launches information chatbot in WhatsApp

As reported by its press center, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine launched an information chatbot on WhatsApp. 

“During the war, when the enemy is constantly attacking the websites of state institutions, it is essential that each person has access to all the necessary information. That is why rescuers use other reliable channels of communication to inform citizens,” said SES. 

To use a free chatbot on WhatsApp, a person needs to save phone number +380676785917 in their contacts and then send the word “begin” as a WhatsApp message. 

“Then the user can choose the necessary topic from the list of parameters to receive access to the respective instructions from Ukrainian SES, such as key updates, latest news, security instructions, shelter recommendations and links to official sources of information,” says the statement. 

To get access to the Whatsapp chatbot, SES recommends using the link:почати

Cyberpolice has developed a Telegram chatbot for blocking disinformation channels and groups. 

SSU reminded Ukrainian how to support the defenders and counter enemy attacks. Among other things, they recommend reporting the movement of enemy troops and sending information via the official chatbot @stop_russian_war_bot.

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