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Kyiv Russian Drama Theater changed its name to “Lesia Ukrainka Drama Theater”

Minister of culture urged everyone to follow this example! 

Kyiv Russian Drama Theater changed its name to “Lesia Ukrainka Drama Theater”

The staff of the Lesia Ukrainka Russian Drama and Comedy Theater will change its name to Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Drama Theater, says Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of culture. 

“Let’s together, with “likes” support the right and long-awaited decision of the Lesia Ukrainka Theater. The staff of the capital’s theater will change the name to Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Drama Theater. From me and other Ukrainians, you have three “yes”. I urge everyone to follow such an example! The ground for the legal change of the name in the state registry of legal entities is the order of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy on making appropriate changes to the theater’s charter. I am waiting for this order from the management and I am ready to sign it,” - wrote Minister on his Facebook. 

Tkachenko also published a link to the statement from the theater’s staff. 

“During this difficult time, each member of the theater’s staff feels responsible for the future of our country. We are living and working in our country, on our land and we, like all Ukrainians, will fight for our land, freedom, and independence,” says the statement. 

Employees stressed that they support the director’s decision to change the name of the theater. 

“The whole team supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine and helps to defeat the enemy in every possible way. Our staff members are entering the territorial defense forces, transferring money, donating blood, and volunteering. Together we are strong. Glory to Ukraine!” the staff said. 

The day before the group of TAVR Media radiostations gave up “Russian Radio - Ukraine”. A radiostation with this name will no longer be broadcasted. 

In 2020 metro station “Moscow Avenue” in Kharkiv was renamed. In 2016 Moscow Avenue in Kyiv was renamed Stepan Bandera Avenue. 

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