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Boy killed as Russia shells Kherson Region

His brother and neighbours who tried to help were wounded. In total, Russians killed one person and wounded eight over the last day. 

Russian Army fired 82 times at Kherson Region, launched 433 shells from mortars, artillery, Hrad, UAVs, ATGMs, tanks and aircraft. One person was killed and eight were wounded.

The enemy fired 12 shells at Kherson. Reports on Telegram the head of Kherson RMA Oleksandr Prokudin. 

"The Russian military hit residential areas of the region's settlements; the building of an educational institution in the Kherson district," the message says.

The Office of the Prosecutor General reported that a six-year-old child in Novodmitrivka was killed by a Russian strike at night. A private house was hit. The boy was killed and his 13-year-old brother was seriously injured. Three other neighbors who tried to help them were wounded.

At the same time, according to the RMA, the deceased child was not six but seven years old. The Regional Military Administration report clarified that the children were hiding in the basement of the house at the time of the shelling.

"At midnight, the occupants opened fire on Novodmytrivka. They hit the residential sector. Three people were wounded. Among them are two brothers aged 7 and 14. Unfortunately, the younger boy died on the spot from his injuries. May the memory of the little angel be blessed... The older boy was hospitalised. He has numerous injuries. His condition is serious. Doctors are fighting for his life," said Prokudin.

He confirmed that three neighbors who were trying to help the children, as well as an ambulance, came under fire.

Yesterday people were also wounded as a result of shelling in Odradokamyanka. In Atonivka, the Russians hit a gymnasium.

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