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Slovakia, Ukraine agree on grain trade system instead of import ban

The Polish Minister of Agriculture is now on the phone with his Ukrainian counterpart. 

Slovakia, Ukraine agree on grain trade system instead of import ban
Photo: Infrastructure Ministry

The agriculture ministers of Slovakia and Ukraine have agreed to create a grain trade licensing system that will allow them to lift the ban on imports of four Ukrainian products to Slovakia once it is in place.

Reuters reports this with reference to the Slovak Ministry of Agriculture.

Ukraine has also agreed to suspend the complaint against the import ban that it filed against Slovakia at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the Slovakian statement said.

At the same time, according to The Guardian, Polish agriculture minister is currently on the phone with his Ukrainian counterpart.

The European Commission has decided to allow the sale of Ukrainian grain throughout the bloc, lifting the restrictions on grain imports that the five eastern EU countries initially sought to protect their farmers from competition.

Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia reacted to the Commission's decision by imposing unilateral bans on Ukrainian grain imports, in clear violation of EU internal market rules. Kyiv responded by filing lawsuits against the three countries at the World Trade Organisation.

Romania will work with Ukraine on a plan to control grain exports that will help protect Romanian farmers. 

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