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Labazyuk released on day of pre-trial restraint on bail - media

More than UAH 40 million was paid for the MP. 

Labazyuk released on day of pre-trial restraint on bail - media
Serhiy Labazyuk
Photo: Facebook/Serhiy Labazyuk

MP Serhiy Labazyuk, suspected of offering a bribe to a top official of the Ministry of Reconstruction, has been released from jail on bail of UAH 40.2 million.

The bail was posted yesterday, after the pre-trial restraint was imposed. The deputy was also released from the pre-trial detention centre yesterday, i.e. on the day of his arrest, journalist Oleh Novikov and UP reported.

"UAH 40.26 million bail was paid for Serhiy Labazyuk, a member of the For the Future party, yesterday. At the same time, he was released from custody under the following obligations: to arrive at the first call; not to leave Kyiv and Khmelnytskyy Region (free movement between regions is allowed); to hand over his passports and not to communicate with witnesses in the case, etc." Novikov wrote.

Sources in the Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office confirmed that Labazyuk had been released from custody. 

Yesterday afternoon, Labazyuk published his first Facebook post since his detention, where he tried to deny his guilt.

Serhiy Labazyuk was detained on 24 November for attempting to bribe a top official of the Ministry of Reconstruction. He asked for contracts to rebuild infrastructure facilities worth UAH 1 billion to be awarded to his company. For this, he promised a "reward" of 3-5% of the value of each contract. 

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