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Ukrainian intelligence confirms Russians use Starlink at front

The use of Starlink by the Russians at their positions has become systematic.

Ukrainian intelligence confirms Russians use Starlink at front
Russians use a Starlink terminal at their front position
Photo: Militarnyy

The Main Inteligence Directorate of Ukraine (GUR) has confirmed recent online reports that the Russian military has started using Starlink terminals in the occupied territories.

GUR representative Andriy Yusov confirmed that the occupiers are using Starlink terminals at their positions, reports.

"Yes, there are cases of Russian occupiers using these devices. This is starting to become systematic," Yusov said.

Also, the sources of the American edition of Defense One, reported that Ukrainian troops first discovered the use of satellite-connected devices by Russia several months ago and such phenomena have become systemic.

"Right now, Russian troops seem to be using dozens of Starlink terminals on the long frontline. When they have hundreds, this will make our life difficult," said one of the publication's sources.

In turn, SpaceX denies any cooperation with the Russian government or its military. At the same time, the company said it would deactivate the terminals that were obtained without a licence.

Earlier Russian troops were spotted using Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink terminals in their positions, and SpaceX has designated some temporarily occupied settlements in Ukraine as having access to Starlink satellite Internet coverage.

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