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Polish government confirms Ukrainian grain blocking border is in transit

Reports that the grain remains in Poland have not been confirmed. 

Polish government confirms Ukrainian grain blocking border is in transit
Polish farmers spill Ukrainian grain that was transported to Germany
Photo: Ukrzaliznytsya/Telegram

Poland has checked reports that Ukrainian grain, which farmers are blocking the border over, is allegedly staying in the country. The government noted that this is not true and that Ukrainian agricultural products are in transit through Poland. This was reported by Polish Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michał Kolodziejczak, according to Yevropeyska Pravda.

"Neither grain, nor corn, nor rapeseed - these products do not stay here," Kolodziejczak said.

He noted that over the past few weeks he had received reports of alleged cases of unloading Ukrainian products in Poland, which were declared as transit, but none of these reports were confirmed.

"If I were to protest today, I would block another border... Poland has imposed an embargo on the products from Ukraine that worried us the most. Let's take Germany - we also see protests in Germany and statements by German farmers that they do not want these products from Ukraine, where it is clear that companies buy a lot from Poland, but the government has not imposed an embargo on these products, which creates overloads, and Ukrainian products are also taking away the German market from us," Kolodziejczak said.

In his opinion, it is necessary to introduce quotas for Ukrainian products at the EU level, as well as to simplify their transportation to third countries outside the EU. 

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