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SBU, DIU attack one of Russia's largest oil refineries, sources say

The night attack on the enterprise in Tatarstan is a joint operation. 

The night attack on the Tatarstan refinery is a joint operation of the Ukraine’s Security Service and the Main Intelligence Directorate, sources told

A Ukrainian long-range drone hit the primary oil refining unit at the Nizhnekamsk refinery, causing a fire to break out. This facility had a capacity of 8 million tonnes of oil per year, which is 2.6% of Russia's total annual refining. 

This plant is one of the five largest refineries in Russia.

"We continue to work systematically to ensure that Russia has fewer and fewer opportunities to finance the war of aggression against Ukraine. We will continue to cut off oxygen to the petrol-country to minimise the flow of petrodollars to the Russian military budget," the source said. 

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