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PGO questions Lviv mayor

Prosecutors probe into the sale of land to a Dutch investor.

The Prosecutor-General's Office summoned Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovoy for questioning.

Sadovyy said on Facebook he would come to the investigator on Tuesday in Kyiv to be questioned as a witness in a PGO probe into the sale of land by Lviv's city hall to the Dutch company CTP who wants to build an industrial park with 3,000 workplaces in the industrial zone Ryasne-2.

The mayor's version looks like follows:

- The Dutch company CTP (, one of the largest industrial developers in Europe won an international contest for the management of the future industrial park in the Ryasne-2 industrial zone;

- after the victory, the Dutch company offered not only to invest in the future park but also to buy land under it (although they should not have);

- the Dutch agree to pay 52mn hryvnya for the land (in accordance with the monetary estimate) and pledge to invest 50mn euros in the park infrastructure, attract large manufacturers and create over 3,000 new jobs."

Last fall, Prosecutor-General Yury Lutsenko in a statement outlined the version of the investigation:

"In September 2015, Lviv City Council leased to a 23 ha land plot to a business entity. The land's value was estimated [at that time] at 140mn hryvnya. In just three months (in December of the same year), the chairman of the city council personally sold the land for a price of 52mn hryvnya, which is 88mn below the estimate."

Last year, law enforcers conducted massive searches in the mayor's office of Lviv within this case.

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