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Only one person sentenced in Euromaidan crime case

110 suspects are wanted.

Only one person to date has been sentenced in a case related to crimes against Euromaidan, Head of Special Investigations Department of the Prosecutor-General's Office, Serhiy Horbatyuk, said in an interview to Focus magazine.

Horbatyuk said over 3 thousand crimes are being investigated in the events of the 2014 Dignity Revolution.

110 suspects are put on the wanted list.

About 380 people have been served a notice of suspicion, 239 indictments have been sent to courts, 48 people were found guilty, one person is serving a real term of punishment.

"And he is not a law enforcement officer but a hired thug, 'titushka'," Horbatyuk remarked.

Of the 380 suspects, 48 are high ranking police officers of Kyiv and regions, heads of regional administrations, their deputies, ministers and the president.

Among the suspects are 201 law enforcement officers, including 22 investigators, 15 prosecutors and 14 judges.

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