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Yanukovych challenges state defence

Former President Viktor Yanukovych has asked the Kyiv district administrative court to rule void the assignment of state defence in his case, the court’s press service has said.

“The defendant asked the court to rule void the actions of the Region Centre when it assigned Viktor Ovsyannykov and Yuriy Ryabovol to provide Viktor Yanukovych with free secondary legal defence and issued guidelines to the lawyers on how to act within their remits,” it said.

He also asked the court to oblige the Regional Centre not to assign any lawyers for him without his request and/or agreement.

He also filed a request to terminate the lawyers’ mandate in his case and ban them from acting on his behalf.

His requests are currently being considered.

On 16 August, during the court debates in the case of high treason by former President Yanukovych, prosecution requested a 15-year sentence. The debates are scheduled to continue on 13 September.

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