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Scoop of the weekend: MP's death, anti-Zelenskyy protest

Scoop of the weekend: MP's death, anti-Zelenskyy protest

Anti-Zelenskyy protest

Around 1,000 people took part in a protest under the motto "Stop the revanche" in central Kyiv. Some of them carried the symbols of the National Corps, Democratic Axe, Freedom and other parties and NGOs. They walked towards President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's house to demand the change of his course which they believe leads to the surrender of national interests, suspension of the country's course for the EU and NATO and benevolence towards pro-Russian forces.Far-right National Corps activists fired up flares outside the office of pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk in central Kyiv on 23 May. Police said that several people were detained.

MP's death

MP Valeriy Davydenko of the Trust parliamentary group was found dead with a gun wound to the head in his office on 23 May. Police are checking suicide and murder versions. Davydenko was involved in agricultural business and was deputy agrarian policy and food minister from May 2013 to March 2014.


There have been 20,986 confirmed coronavirus cases in Ukraine, including 617 deaths and 7,108 recoveries, the Public Health Centre has reported.Despite expectations, there is no decline in the coronavirus epidemic yet, according to Health Minister Maksym Stepanov.Kyiv relaunched ground public transport as of 23 May. The subway is expected to go back into service on 25 May and kindergartens on 1 June.Chernivtsi Region has been in the lead by the number of coronavirus cases since the outbreak of the disease. By 23 May, the region has had 3,027 confirmed cases.The village of Vorocheve in Transcarpathian Region has been locked after 28 local residents tested positive for the coronavirus.An outbreak of the coronavirus has been registered in the Ternopil garrison after eight people were confirmed as having the coronavirus.Twenty medics at the Kharkiv regional infection diseases hospital have contracted the coronavirus. According to Prof Viktor Korsunov, the "situation is on the brink of explosion" due to the extraordinary emotional and physical load on medics.


Ex-MP Tetyana Chornovol has said that the State Investigation Bureau is has opened another case against her, which concerns an assault rifle she was awarded in 2014.Seven Ukrainian citizens kidnapped by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea in March have been released, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.A 16-year-old boy has shot dead Donbas war veteran Ihor Korniyenko during a brawl in Vyshhorod, Kyiv Region. 


Two border guards got killed when their car skidded into a river near the village of Troytske in Odesa Region.

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