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Scoop of the day: Two Ukrainian servicemen killed in Donbas

Scoop of the day: Two Ukrainian servicemen killed in Donbas


Two Ukrainian servicemen got killed after tripping an unidentified explosive device in Donbas, the Joint Forces Operation HQ said in its evening update. There have been two ceasefire violations since midnight near Pisky.


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed strong political and practical support from the Alliance in a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanyshyna, calling Ukraine a close partner of the bloc.

"Timely meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission with Deputy PM Stefanishyna at the start of an important week for European security. Allies expressed strong political & practical support for our close partner Ukraine," Stoltenberg tweeted.


The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has exposed a Russian military intelligence agent who was planning a series of terrorist attacks in Odessa Region. The attacker was caught red-handed while he was recruiting a perpetrator for future crimes.

According to the SBU, the agent was a foreigner who periodically came to Ukraine on instructions from the Russian special services. His handlers were representatives of the Russian military intelligence service operating from the territory of the self-proclaimed Moldovan Dniester republic.


Independent mass media in Ukraine are being purged at the order of the authorities, Free Media LLC founded by well-known journalists and MPs has said. The company demanded an investigation into the obstruction of journalists' work, a statement released by 5 Kanal says.

Free Media LLC considers the decision of judge Bortnytska to arrest the companies of the television and radio company NBM-Zaporizhzhya and AVTOR TV LLC, which are directly related to the broadcasting of the company's channels, the first steps to block the broadcasting of independent television channels and purging of the country's information space.

Free Media believes that prosecutors and a judge deliberately impounded the media assets no longer owned by Petro Poroshenko, which means it is "direct censorship in its essence, the purpose of which is to block our broadcasting".


The State Bureau of Investigation has said that the seizure of former President Petro Poroshenko's assets does not affect the interests of the Pryamyy and 5 Kanal TV channels.


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's office is studying the feasibility of introducing food stamps in Ukraine, particularly electronic ones, and mechanisms for implementing such a solution. The prospect of part of the population switching to ration cards is caused by a rise in food prices as a result of a sharp rise in the cost of Russian gas, presidential economic adviser Oleh Ustenko said in a commentary to BBC News Ukraine.


The An-225 Mriya aircraft has been tested to have a damaged landing gear in Poland. Its flight has been delayed, quoted the press service of the Antonov state-owned company as saying. The enterprise sent the aircraft to help.

"A minor technical malfunction in the main landing gear strut has been detected. An An-26 aircraft with our specialists will fly there," the press service said.

The company believes that the malfunction can be promptly eliminated and the aircraft will fly on. The timing of the repair will be known after Antonov experts assess the damage.


A court has extended the measure of restraint for Opposition Platform-For-Life MP Viktor Medvedchuk by another 60 days, up to 10 March.

On 17 December 2021, a court left Medvedchuk under house arrest in connection with coal supplies from Donbas. He is also suspected in the so-called natural deposits case, where he was first placed under house arrest and then under his own recognizance.

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