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Scoop of the day: Borrell on visit to Ukraine rules out 'new Yalta'

Scoop of the day: Borrell on visit to Ukraine rules out 'new Yalta'

Borrell's visit

Europe's security depends directly on security in Ukraine, and all issues that concern Ukraine should be resolved only with its participation, European Union High Representative Josep Borrell said at a news conference following his visit to the line of contact in eastern Ukraine.

He pointed out that a new division of Europe between the world powers, like a "new Yalta", is impossible.

"They (the Russian Federation - ed.) are not only building up troops on the border in a very unusual way, but they have also made this request to discuss two draft treaties on European security. But we are not living in the time of Yalta now. The designation of spheres of influence between the two great powers is not possible in 2021-2022. Europe's security and Ukraine's security, because Ukraine is part of Europe, is something that affects Ukrainians and Europeans first and foremost," he added.

Yermak's consultations

Late on 4 January, the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak has held telephone consultations with the German chancellor's foreign and security policy adviser Jens Ploetner and French diplomatic adviser to the president Emmanuel Bonne ahead of their visit to Moscow.

Yermak tweeted:"We've agreed to continue coordinating our actions in the context of the current situation. Thank you for your unwavering support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Arcelor's accounts frozen

ArcelorMittal Kryvyy Rih has reported that all accounts of the company have been blocked by a decision of the Prosecutor-General's office.

"Yesterday the Prosecutor-General's Office of Ukraine together with the Kyiv Shevchenkivskyy court blocked funds in all accounts of ArcelorMittal Kryvyy Rih. Representatives of the Prosecutor-General's Office requested that Ukrainian banks comply with the court's decision of 30 November 2021 to freeze the company's accounts," the company's press service said in a statement.

The dispute concerns the approach to calculating the rent.


Russian Gazprom has resumed pumping of gas to Romania via the Ukrainian gas transport system, its operator company has said. It booked the daily capacity of 4.9m cu.m. for January 2022.


In Ukraine, 49% of men and 18% of women are ready to join territorial defence. Residents of the western and central regions are more willing to join territorial defence than Ukrainians in other parts of the country, according to a survey by the Ukrainian Institute for the Future together with New Image Marketing Group.

Overall, 45% of Ukrainians are in favour of the establishment of territorial defence troops and almost a third (30%) are against it. One in four respondents failed to make up their mind.

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