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"Russian train, go f*ck yourselves! This is the position of our company", – Ukrzaliznytsia

UrkRailway has terminated all relations and interaction with Russian Railways.

"Russian train, go f*ck yourselves! This is the position of our company", – Ukrzaliznytsia
Photo: Aleksandr Rudomanov

Ukrainian troops blew up railway junctions connecting Ukrainian and Russian railways. It is stated that this was done in order to block Russian Railways from delivering equipment and personnel of the Russian Army.

The press service of Ukrzaliznytsia confirmed this information and stated that the company had terminated all relations and interaction with OJSC Russian Railways.

"We offered the railwaymen of the Russian Federation to establish peace and to stop the war, but they continued to bring tanks and other military equipment to Ukraine and its borders," the statement said.

UrkRailway stated that the railway crossings between the countries, which used to transport thousands of goods and brought millions of dollars to the economies of both countries, have been destroyed. Dispatch communication with the Russian Federation has also been suspended.

Ukrayinska Pravda reported that after the connection was disconnected, the Russian side submitted a request to the Ukrainian side to restore communication. The answer was: "Russian train, f*ck off!".

"RZD's request to restore contact with Ukrzaliznytsia JSC had nothing to do with the humanitarian mission, it was a trivial attempt to resume the supply of military equipment. They received a response from our dispatcher - this is the position of the whole company," commented UZ.

Currently, Ukrzaliznytsia is completely reorienting freight traffic to Europe and will continue to develop the “Silk Road” bypassing Russia. The company is ready to become a full member of the logistics chain of the European Union.

UZ will also continue to develop transportation with Asian countries, including China, and provide high-quality and fast logistics between Asia and the EU, but without Russia's participation.

The Russians wanted to restore contact with the central headquarters of UZ "for humanitarian purposes." To which they received an answer from Ukrainian dispatchers: "Russian train,go f*ck yourselves!".

On February 24, Russian troops captured Zmiyinyi Island after shelling with naval weapons and combat aircraft. After the shelling, communication with border guards and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the island was lost. It was reported that 13 Ukrainian border guards died heroically during the fighting.

The Russian occupiers threatened Ukrainian border guards to surrender. The aggressor used an international channel of communication for the safety of navigation.

The following dialogue took place between the Russians and the Ukrainian defenders:

  • I am a Russian Navy Ship! I propose to lay down our arms and surrender! To avoid bloodshed and casualties. Otherwise you will be hit! Do you copy? Over!

  • Russian ship, go f*ck yourselves! ( Russkyy korabl', ydy nakhuy)

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