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Ukraine forming Foreign Legion to repulse Russian invasion

Everyone willing to join the international legion can come to Ukraine. The entry will be as simple as possible.

Ukraine forming Foreign Legion to repulse Russian invasion
Oleksii Arestovych

According to Interfax-Ukraine, Oleksii Arestovych, advisor of the head of Presidential Office in Ukraine, announced at the briefing that there is a newly formed foreign legion of volunteers. 

“We are expecting military aid from abroad, which is now coming. Also, we have formed a foreign legion of volunteers from other countries. There are lots of them. We could even form two legions of those who are joining Ukrainian defence. Our resistance is becoming full-scale,” said Arestovych.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba stated that for foreigners willing to join the international legion, the procedure of entry to the country will be simplified.

“All these people now have a legal right and legal framework to join our army and fight under the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Everyone is welcoming them. Every embassy of Ukraine, every consulate general of Ukraine is open for providing all the necessary information to these people. Their entry to Ukraine will be as simple as possible,” said Kuleba.

He specified that there is a logistical problem due to the fact that travelling to Ukraine by plane is impossible. However, he asserted that Ukraine will help foreigners come and fight, if that’s what they want.

“During the past three days, practically from the very beginning of Russian aggression, we got hundreds of appeals from foreigners, in particular of the Ukrainian diaspora, who want to come to Ukraine and help us defend our land. Someone wants to do that because they love Ukraine and want to protect it. Others understand that Putin has attacked not only Ukraine, but also European security and world order, and wish to protect that as well. Someone else has their own unsettled accounts with Russia, and they want to fight specifically against Russia, without considering the interests of Ukraine,” explained the Minister.

We remind you that today Greece has sent to Ukraine two planes with military aid. Before that, Latvia sent more than 30 trucks with aid.

On 27 February, the aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine got a large number of rockets and battle-planes.

In addition, Joe Biden’s Presidential Administration asked the Congress to allocate USD 6.4 billion to help Ukraine counteract Russian full-scale invasion.

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