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Kharkiv defenders need aid: medicine, vests, weapons

The enemy intensifies the attack on the city. 

Kharkiv defenders need aid: medicine, vests, weapons
Shelling of Kharkiv
Photo: Screenshot

The volunteer defenders of Kharkiv now need radio transmitters, standard medicine kits, helmets, armored vests, and weapons. Around 1000 volunteers are ready to join the territorial defense forces, law enforcement officers, and soldiers to defend the city, but they need equipment. 

Those who want to donate necessary equipment need to get to Kharkiv State Administration. 

Today as an aftermath of the shelling of the residential districts, 31 people were hospitalized. One woman died. The exact number of wounded and dead is unknown because Russia has only recently stopped the shelling, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine says. According to the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, the number of victims is no less than 11. 

 “In total, in the last 24 hours, there were 44 wounded people transported to Kharkiv City Clinical Hospital of Ambulance and Emergency Medicine named after Prof. OI Meshchaninov and the City Clinical Multidisciplinary Hospital №25. Out of all those taken, seven people died,” - states the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Herashchenko, reported that shellings by MRLS “Grad” were made on Kharkiv, near Derevyanka Street. Gerashchenko also published a photo of the impact of multiple rocket launcher systems in Kharkiv on Klochkivska, 197 street.

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