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Ukrzaliznytsia asks people to leave Ukraine through corridors with Slovakia and Hungary

In Transcarpathia, it is possible to cross the border with EU countries quickly.

Ukrzaliznytsia asks people to leave Ukraine through corridors with Slovakia and Hungary

Ukrzaliznytsia asks people who intend to leave Ukraine to move to the border with Slovakia and Hungary in the Transcarpathian region. Here you can quickly cross the border with EU countries. Pedestrian crossings with two EU countries are not loaded.

Free transfers are organized to all checkpoints from the stations:

  • Uzhhorod - pedestrian crossings "Malyy Bereznyy" and "Mali Selmentsi", which are not critically loaded, as well as Patrol Police Office "Uzhhorod".
  • Mukachevo - pedestrian crossings "Dzvinkove", "Kosino", "Luzhanka", "Vylok".

Regular Chop-Záhon trains run to Hungary every three hours from the Chop railway station.

Catering and medical care are provided at the railway stations.

Boarding is carried out while having a ticket.

All EU countries bordering Ukraine accept refugees if they have a Ukrainian passport.

The occupancy of checkpoints every three hours is highlighted on the Western Regional Office "Western Front" page so that citizens can choose the least crowded checkpoints.

All checkpoints on the western border of Ukraine are open 24 hours a day.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that on 28 February, almost 108 thousand people and nearly 15 thousand vehicles crossed the state border of Ukraine on the western section.

These figures are about 10% lower than on 27 February. Currently, there are about 8,000 cars in the queues.

Almost 96,000 people left Ukraine for the EU and Moldova. In particular, nearly 61,000 people crossed the border into Poland. The rest of the people moved to Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova.

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