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"Prove that you are with us, that you do not let us go. And then life will win," - The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The President noted that with Ukraine the EU will become stronger. Without the European Union, Ukraine will be alone.

Ukraine has united all the countries of the European Union, but the price was too high. These are thousands of dead, two revolutions, one war and 5 days of full-scale Russian invasion.

This was stated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his online speech in the European Parliament.

"I do not speak by reading from a piece of paper, because the pieces of paper in the life of my country are over. All this is reality. People have died. And you know, I think we give our lives today for values, for rights, freedom, just for the desire to be equal, just as you are ", - the President addressed the community of the European Union.

Ukraine gives the strongest citizens in the war.

"We often like to say that we will win that we are stronger than anyone. And I am very glad that you see this now. And we will definitely win. There is an expression - the Ukrainian choice of Europe. This is what we wanted, this is where we have been going to. I would like it very much if now Europe could choose Ukraine. I have only a couple of minutes to talk to you, because we have such short breaks due to constant shelling and missile strikes," he said.

The President reminded that in the morning two cruise missiles hit Kharkiv. A city where always were a lot of Russians, the city with the largest number of universities in Ukraine. Two rockets hit this city, its "Svoboda" Square ("Freedom" Square) that is the largest in Europe.

"We are just fighting for our land. We are fighting for our freedom. And despite the fact that now all the big cities of our state are blocked, no one will block our freedom and our state. Every square of today, no matter what it is called, will be called Freedom Square. "No one will break us," - he said.

Yesterday, 16 children were killed, and again President Putin says that this is some kind of operation and they are hitting the military infrastructure.

"Where are our children, at what military plants do they work, at what facilities, maybe they ride in tanks? You killed 16 children! With all the respect. We have a very motivated nation. Very. We fight for our rights, freedom, for our life. And now we are fighting for survival, and this is our main motivation.

We are fighting to be equal members of Europe. And I think today we are showing everyone that we are such. With us, the European Union definitely will be stronger. Without you, Ukraine will be lonely. We have proven our strength, we have proved that we are at least the same as you are. Prove that you are with us, that you do not let us go, that you truly are Europeans. And then life will overcome death, and the world will overcome darkness. Glory to Ukraine! "- said the President.

The members of EU were applauded him standing.

Let us remind you that yesterday the president Zelenskyy signed membership application to European Union. The background of document signing were barricades and trenches built due full-scale Russian invasion. Today, Ukraine's representative to the EU Vsevolod Chentsov handed it over to the Permanent Representative of France, which holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union.

So far, Ukraine's application has been supported by the Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Slovenia, and Hungary.

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