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Russia fails to gain control of Ukraine’s airspace - British intelligence

Aggressor also did not gain great progress in advancing towards Kyiv.

Russia fails to gain control of Ukraine’s airspace - British intelligence

The UK Ministry of Defense published on Twitter new intelligence information on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. 

The United Kindom Defense Office states: 

-The Russian advance on Kyiv has made little progress over the past 24 hours as a result of difficulties with logistics. 

-Russian forces have increased their use of artillery near Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Chernihiv, increasing the risk of civilian casualties. 

-Russia has failed to gain control of the airspace over Ukraine and as a result, has shifted to night operations in an attempt to reduce their losses. 

According to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine looks worth than he expected. He added that Europa now is a witness to the catastrophe unfolding. 

“It is obvious, that Vladimir Putin is prepared to use barbaric tactics against innocent civilians, bombard high-rises, launch missiles at apartment buildings, kill children, and we are watching this more and more,” he added. 

This morning, March 1, Russian forces shelled Kharkiv civilian infrastructure, at least 10 people are dead. 

The day before, Russian were firing missiles at Kharkiv from MRLS “Grad”. People who have left shelters to get water were killed. 87 buildings are destroyed, at least 11 Kharkiv residents are dead, more than 100 are wounded. 

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