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Mayor says Kherson being besieged by Russians

He urged us not to walk the streets and take care of ourselves.

Mayor says Kherson being besieged by Russians
Photo: Facebook/Igor Kolykhayev

Kherson is under fire, residential buildings and city facilities are on fire. The mayor of the regional center Igor Kolykhayev wrote about it on the Facebook social network.

“We are trying to coordinate the work of city services, but, I admit, it is VERY DIFFICULT now! You and I are NOT soldiers, we are civilians. I am at my workplace, and my task now is to put out the fires, protect the Ukrainian flag over the city, save your lives and eliminate the consequences of the shelling of the city as soon as possible. The city must live in spite of everything! ” it is said in the message.

He urged people not to walk the streets and take care of ourselves.

"If the soldiers of the Russian Federation and their leadership hear me. I ask you to leave our city, stop shelling the civilian population. You have already taken everything you wanted. Including human lives. God is your judge, and go towards the Russian ship. Kherson was and will remain a Ukrainian city! ” - Kolykhayev added.

It will be recalled that Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to the head of the President's Office, said in his morning address that Kherson is currently one of the hottest spots. Isolated groups of enemy infantry attempted to enter the city, and the Armed Forces and other military destroyed them. The shells hit two nine-story buildings.

The enemy began to capture civilians in Kherson. Locals say that Kherson residents, who know how to weld metal, produced anti-tank hedgehogs on an industrial scale all night.

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