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Klychko: "Enemy is on the outskirts of the capital. We are getting ready to defend Kyiv"

The Mayor appealed to Kyiv residents and asked them to stay calm and do not go outside without the necessity.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klychko addressed the capital's residents and told about the situation in the city.

"Our situation is difficult, the enemy is on the outskirts of the capital. Our Armed Forces, warriors of Territorial Defense Units are fighting heroically for our land. We are getting ready to defend Kyiv,"- he said.

The mayor noted that at the entrances to the city fortifications were built and checkpoints were set up. All the facilities of critical infrastructure are functioning. Public transport functioning with the time limit until 19:00.

"I urge everyone to keep stay calm. Do not go outside if it is not really necessary. It case of alert sirens go to shelters at the alarm," - Klychko addressed Kyiv residents.

The mayor reminded that there is a curfew in the capital effective from 20:00 to 08:00. During this time, everyone stays at home or in shelters. Only vehicles with special passes issued by the military commandant of Kyiv can move around the city.

"The situation is threatening. The enemy wants to take over the heart of our country. But we will fight and we will not give Kyiv to them! Armed Forces, Territorial Defense Units, residents that care about the city are ready to defend the capital and will do it,"- the Mayor assured. 

Vitaliy Klychko expressed his support to the residents of Gostomel, Bucha, Vorzel, Irpen, Vasilkov, where the enemy is furious and destroys everything and shoots civilians; he thanked the Armed Forces, who hold the defense heroically, so that the Russian horde could not break into Kiev. "Dear residents of Kyiv, Ukrainians! Don't believe misinformation. There is a lot of it now. Don't panic!

We must protect our city, our country and our future! The future of our state is only possible with strong people, only with real patriots! It is only possible with real warriers who are now showing their character! Together we will survive! "- summed up the Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klychko.

Earlier, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that on the sixth day of the invasion, the Russian occupiers reduced the pace of the attacks, but they are still trying to move forward in some directions. Currently, the enemy is focused on the encirclement of Kyiv.

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