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Polish Consul in Lviv apologises for actions of protesters: "A true Pole will never stab his neighbours in the back"

Eliza Dzwonkiewicz believes that these actions cannot be the "work of her compatriots". 

Polish Consul General in Lviv Eliza Dzwonkiewicz commented on the actions of protesters at the border and their blocking of transport from Ukraine. The diplomat considers these actions shameful, she wrote on Facebook.

"I am sorry, dear Ukrainian friends. What is happening cannot be the work of my compatriots," she said.

Dzvonkiewicz said that as a teenager, she learned about how during the Warsaw Uprising, Russians on the right bank of the Vistula River banned allied planes from landing for refuelling. The aid intended for the rebels was accidentally thrown from the planes and ended up in the hands of the Germans. The diplomat says that when she found out, she thought that "only the Russians could behave in such a shameful way".

"Back then, as a teenager, I was convinced that only Russians could calmly watch another nation bleed to death... that we, the Poles, would never do something like that. And what are "Polish" farmers and transporters doing today? I don't believe they are Poles... A true Pole would never stab his neighbours who are fighting for freedom. This is not about demands, but about a form of protest. Shame and disgrace. Sorry, Ukraine at war, sorry," she wrote. 

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