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Parliament sets up special commission to investigate effectiveness of Kyiv authorities during war

It will deal with the city's governance model. 

Parliament sets up special commission to investigate effectiveness of Kyiv authorities during war
Vitaliy Bezgin
Photo: facebook/Vitaliy Bezgin

The Parliament has adopted draft resolution No. 10460 on the establishment of a Temporary Special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to study the effectiveness of the functioning of public authorities in Kyiv as the capital of Ukraine during the period of martial law. This was stated by Vitaliy Bezghin, chairman of the Temporary Special Commission.

In a commentary to, Bezgin assured that TSC had no "political" purpose.

"The TSC has no political purpose. We can evaluate Vitaliy Klitschko's performance as mayor in different ways, I may not like the level of municipal management in the capital a million times, but he was elected by Kyiv residents. And it is they who should evaluate his performance as mayor during the elections. But Kyiv's governance system is inefficient and in chaos. The Kyiv City Council should have an independent executive committee, the Kyiv City State Administration should become a purely state vertical, and the KCSA is not clear what it is. We will analyse the situation and propose changes to the legislation. Systemic changes without political games," he assured.

At the same time, MP Iryna Herashchenko of the European Solidarity faction added: 252 deputies voted in favour. The European Solidarity factions abstained from voting:

"Yes, there are problems in Kyiv. But the government is putting systemic pressure on local governments and mayors. The only purpose of this TSC is to continue to discredit decentralisation. When mayors are asked about helping the military, they should ask Prime Minister Shmyhal: where are the 200,000 drones for which UAH 42 billion has been allocated? Where are the fortifications? And many other questions. The TSC is a tool of the opposition. This is just another commission created by the "servants" and the OPFL," she commented. 

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