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Parliament committee recommends bill banning pro-Moscow church for second reading

The authors say the bill got stricter compared to the previous wording.

Parliament committee recommends bill banning pro-Moscow church for second reading
UOC leader Onufriy
Photo: Facebook/UOC

The committee on humanitarian and information policy of the Ukrainian parliament unanimously recommended that MPs support in the second reading and in general Bill 8371, which, in particular, will ban the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) in Ukraine, MP Volodymyr Vyatrovych has said.

He noted that the text of the bill was much stricter compared to the government version supported as a basis last autumn.

"The Russian Orthodox Church must be banned by law, and the activities of all religious organisations affiliated with it will be terminated according to a clear procedure that will include research, an order to comply with the law and a court injunction," Vyatrovych said.

He also added that the Russian Orthodox Church and its affiliated structures will not be able to use state and municipal property, and the transition of communities to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine will be greatly simplified.

"Now the decision is up to the Verkhovna Rada. I hope that my colleagues will have the political will to pass this important law without delay," the MP wrote.

Meanwhile, today, 5 March, several MPs reported that the authorities cancelled this week's parliamentary session because they are engaging members of the Servant of the People party to prepare a report on fortifications for the US Senate. This week they were supposed to discuss, among other things, the ban on the UOC (MP).

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