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Ukrainians' needs for humanitarian aid changed - there is demand for services, Zholnovych says

If at first people needed basic items and generators, now they are most in need of services. 

Ukrainians' needs for humanitarian aid changed - there is demand for services, Zholnovych says
Photo: Max Trebukhov

This year, Ukrainians' needs for humanitarian aid have changed. Today there is a demand for services for people. Oksana Zholnovych, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, said this in a commentary to

"As of 2024, almost all humanitarian aid needs have been met. The most difficult issue is everything that is sent to the military. We have a lot of refusals when it comes to even a social service for military personnel and their families - training for social workers. Many foundations have refused, arguing that they cannot finance things related to the military. "This is very sad, because these are our citizens who are at the greatest risk now. It is the humanitarian aspect that we would like to ensure," Zholnovych said.

The minister explained that the needs of Ukrainians for humanitarian aid have changed over the course of the war. While during the displacement of people at the beginning of the invasion, Ukrainians needed essentials, during the blackouts there was a need for generators. Today, humanitarian aid needs to change again. 

"Humanitarian aid is important and necessary for Ukraine. "But since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, everyone has been focusing on some natural things: food parcels and so on. "Obviously, they are important in the war zone, but humanitarian aid such as support services is now important throughout the country. We are talking about multidisciplinary teams providing psychological support. These are the things that help people settle in a new place; they help to systematically form infrastructure services, such as water or shelter," she explained. 

During the dialogue "Assistance to War Victims: Efficiency in Cooperation", Zholnovych reminded that last December the list of humanitarian aid goods was cancelled.

"We have created an automated Prozorro system where we can now see every item that comes in and to whom it is distributed. And it should be distributed to those who need it. You can't sell it at the market. When this aid is strictly accounted for now, it will be impossible to manipulate it," the minister added. 

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