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Drone manufacturers can receive grant of 80% of project cost from state

Depending on the amount of the grant, the entrepreneur will be obliged to create a certain number of jobs.

Drone manufacturers can receive grant of 80% of project cost from state
A batch of drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Companies that manufacture drones will be able to receive a grant from the state in the amount of 80% of the project cost. 

This was announced by the Ministry of Economy with reference to the government's decision of 3 May.

The preferential grant regime will apply to the entire government-controlled territory of Ukraine. 

"The conditions created by the Government's decision for drone manufacturers will contribute to the development of this high-tech industry in all regions of the country. This means new jobs and taxes to the budgets of all levels," said Deputy Minister of Economy Nadiya Bihun.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers' decision, drone manufacturers will be able to use the grants to purchase, deliver and install equipment. 

Under the terms of the grant programme for processing, the recipient must create a certain number of jobs, depending on the amount of money.

Prior to the government's decision, only companies in the de-occupied territories could benefit from the preferential terms.

The Cabinet's decision of 3 May also contains other changes. It stipulates that the preferential terms for recycling grants for companies in Kyiv Region will be in effect until the end of 2024. Currently, there is a great demand among the region's enterprises to participate in grant programmes.

The government has also tightened control over grant recipients' compliance with the terms of the agreement. In particular, a business that fails to create the number of jobs stipulated in the contract within the specified timeframe must return a proportionate amount of the grant to the state within 30 days of the violation being detected.

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