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Special feature launches a new special project Territories of Culture

In response to the challenges of our time, is launching a special project called Cultural Territories to explore the history and transformation of Ukrainian cultural identity.

Russia's war against Ukraine has a distinct ideological dimension in addition to its military one. This is a war between two different worldviews that cannot coexist: authoritarianism versus democracy, force versus law, "staples" versus values. This war is not only about Ukrainian territory, but also about Ukrainian culture. 

Opening of the photo exhibition "Travellour Starobilsk" in Lviv
Opening of the photo exhibition "Travellour Starobilsk" in Lviv

That's why LB.UA and our partner, First Private Brewery, are creating a new special project called Territories of Culture.

We believe that culture is the most effective countermeasure to Russian propaganda, and that a developed cultural field is a prerequisite for a mature society.

Understanding that the media is one of the most effective mechanisms for creating a common cultural field, we propose to focus on the territorial dimension of culture.

Today, there is an unprecedented surge of interest in Ukrainian culture and history - this is evident in the demand for Ukrainian books, changes in the repertoires of theatres and cinemas, the themes of popular exhibitions and new music releases. This is a phenomenon common to the whole country. But at the same time, there are territorial differences in its manifestations.

The ongoing war has triggered powerful migration processes within the country, which have intensified dialogue between different territories. The western regions have hosted a huge number of residents from other regions, and the cultural processes that have been launched as a result require analysis and awareness. The south and east of the country are currently the most threatened areas of Ukraine, and their culture needs the most support. We want to explore the "myths" of these territories created by Russian propaganda and find alternative narratives that will contribute to the cultural integration of the country after the war.

The active destruction of our cultural heritage by the Russians, which has been going on for centuries, brings to the fore the issue of memory and its preservation, rethinking and reassessing our past, working with the present for the future we dream of. Now, before our eyes and with our participation, Ukrainian identity is going through a period of transformation. A new understanding of the country, its history and future is being developed. The Territories of Culture special project is dedicated to researching and documenting these complex processes. 

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