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Speaker set to fight "legislative spam"

Parubiy intends to improve the quality of legislation.

Speaker set to fight "legislative spam"

Speaker Andriy Parubiy has made arrangements for the parliamentary website to no longer show how many bills MPs have submitted.

He complained, among other things, that MPs often register their bills only to leave a “good impression” on the website.

“It will not be a fundamental solution to the problem, but this [policy] may help this ‘legislative spam' to stop," Parubiy said.

He also said that he intended to ensure a higher quality of bills.

"On the eve of elections, draft bills tend to get so populist that it would take three US budgets to enforce them,” the speaker said. He complained that such irresponsible legislative initiatives create an unnecessary workload for the budget committee.

Earlier, Parubiy suggested that parliament should hold two plenary days a week instead of four, but three plenary weeks a month instead of two.

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