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Tymoshenko urges inquiry commission to probe utility rates

Batkivshchyna leader: corruption scandals imminent in Naftogaz.

Tymoshenko urges inquiry commission to probe utility rates
Photo: Photo: Max Trebukhov

The leader of the Fatherland party Yuliya Tymoshenko proposes to establish a temporary commission of inquiry to investigate into utility tariffs.

"We need to create a full-fledged temporary investigation commission to look at how the gas tariffs have been formulated. It should be a neutral structure capable of establishing the truth," the politician said at a roundtable conference Will Ukrainians survive the next increase in utility tariffs?, organized by the Gorshenin Institute..

"It is not enough to just examine documents and take a look at the cost structure. We need to dig deeper. The commission must investigate how Naftogaz used the money last year. I guarantee you there will be high-profile corruption scandals. Naftogaz today is a stomping ground for the President, and the prime minister and other ministers, it is their feeder. Secondly, we need to investigate what is going on in Ukrgasdobycha, how about corruption in there," said Tymoshenko.

She believes a new law must be adopted on the National Commission for Electricity Regulation, which would provide for the appointment of its members that are independent of the president and the government.

First, a list of suitable candidates must be compiled, Tymoshenko says, and then NERC members must be selected by the drawing of lot.

Earlier, Tymoshenko claimed that the new gas tariffs contain a hidden tax on the population.

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