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Savchenko's plane lands in Ukraine

Journalists are meeting Nadiya Savchenko at Boryspil airport.

"The president's plane with Hero of Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko has landed!" President Petro Poroshenko said on social networks.

An correspondent, who is present at the scene, says Savchenko has called her mother from the plane to say: "I'm on Ukrainian soil."

"The president's plane was not seen on the Boryspil runway, so it cannot be ruled out that the Ukrainian Air Force One has landed at a different airport. Everyone is waiting in the lobby," the correspondent says.

On 25 May, Nadiya Savchenko was exchanged for Russian GRU officers Alexandr Aleksandrov and Evgeny Yerofeyev.

Savchenko was sentenced by a Russian court to 22 years in a penal colony. She was found complicit in the murder of Russian journalists Igor Korneliuk and Anton Voloshin, attempted murder and illegal crossing of the Russian border.

Yerofeyev and Aleksandrov had to serve a 14-year sentence in a Ukrainian prison for waging an aggressive war, participating in a terror group and an act of terrorism.

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