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Savchenko visits Fatherland party office

The hero pilot holds tete-a-tete talks with Tymoshenko.

Savchenko visits Fatherland party office
Photo: Photo: EPA / UPG

Nadiya Savchenko, who returned today to Ukraine after the release from a Russian prison, immediately after the meeting with President Petro Poroshenko in his administration, went to the office of the Fatherland party, correspondent has said. Savchenko will talk to party leader Yuliya Tymoshenko in an eye-to-eye meeting. Neither reporters nor party members will attend the meeting.

Savchenko was elected to parliament as No 1 on the Fatherland ticket. Commenting on the release of the Ukrainian pilot, Tymoshenko said she was hoping that Nadiya will fully dedicate herself to parliament work.

Prior to that, President Petro Poroshenko decorated Savchenko with the award and the title of Hero of Ukraine during the ceremony held in the presidential administration.

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