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NATO hails containment, dialogue policy on Russia

Gen. Pavel: the concerns of the Baltic States on a possible Russian invasion are justified.

The policy of NATO, which consists in a secure containment of aggressive behaviour of Russia and at the same time attracting Moscow to dialogue proved the most effective, the head of NATO's Military Committee, Gen Petr Pavel Gen said in an interview airing Saturday on CBC radio.

"Russia has increased its military capabilities significantly over, I'll say, the last decade," Pavel said, adding that NATO troops stationed in neighbouring countries will show Russia "such a policy wouldn't be successful."

Pavel acknowledged that the anxiety of the Baltic states on a possible Russian invasion were reasonable. "Their concern is justified. They are living close to Russia. They face on the daily basis the effects of a continuous information and propaganda campaign," said the general.

NATO's policy to Russia in the format of "restraint and dialogue" was agreed by all members of the Alliance at the summit in Warsaw in July 2016.

"We have to deal with Russia as a country that is using military power to pursue its political objectives… We are doing our best to deter them from any such intention," Pavel said.

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