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Crimean Tatar Kurultay to meet in Kyiv

The assembly will take place on 12 November.

The Crimean Tatar self-styled national assembly Kurultay of the sixth convocation will meet in Kyiv on 12 November, Majlis (government) head Refat Chubarov has said on Facebook.

The assembly will disucss the situation in Russia-annexed Crimea and the implementation of the resolution of the Kurultay's extraordinary session held in Bakhchysaray on 29 March 2014, "On the enforcement by the Crimean Tatar nation of the right to self-identification in its historical territory in Crimea".

Kurultay's delegates are elected by Crimean Tatars and members of their families regardless of their ethnicity, who permanently reside in Ukraine, and Crimean Tatars and members of their families of Ukrainian citizenship regardless of their residence. The Kurultay is elected for five years.

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