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MP Nayyem eyeing high post in law enforcement

He says he can and wants to shoulder responsibility.

MP Nayyem eyeing high post in law enforcement

MP Mustafa Nayyem wants to take a high post in the executive because it is the only way he can achieve high results.

"Being an MP is just the second iteration of a journalist. This is a person who controls, observes and creates certain rules. And they get implemented by the executive. I want to assume responsibility and say this is what I have done. Currently, I can say that I have submitted a bill which was put to vote in parliament. Parliament did this, not me. I want to see the time when I can say: 'Look, I did this.' I deeply long for this time. I am confident that we will get there," he told Sonya Koshkina on her KishkiNA vlog.

Asked what post he is eyeing, Nayem said he would like to focus on law enforcement.

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