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Former journalist sets up political movement

It may potentially register as a party ahead of the elections.

Former journalist sets up political movement

A former investigative journalist, MP Mustafa Nayyem, and his allies are forming a social and political movement, planning to register it as a party ahead of the 2019 parliamentary election.

"I promise that I will never tell voters that I have no capacity to make something happen. Unless I have this capacity, I will not go into politics. I want to be with a faction where I have a say, where there is a group of like-minded people and together we achieve something, influence politics and processes. These are posts, a faction and a number of MPs. We are doing everything to make this happen," he told Sonya Koshkina during an interview for her KishkiNa vlog.

"For starters, we are creating a movement. I approach this in a very responsible matter, I think the same goes for my colleagues. And we got very deep in our understanding of how this should be done. I'm envious of myself because we are in a start-up period. No-one in this country has ever done what we are doing," he added.

Nayyem expects the movement to ensure him and his colleagues election to parliament.

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