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Scoop of the day: Ireland opens embassy in Ukraine

Scoop of the day: Ireland opens embassy in Ukraine


Ireland has for the first time appointed its ambassador to Ukraine who will be permanently based in Kyiv. According to the Foreign Ministry website, Therese Healy will head the embassy in Ukraine which opened today.


Residents of Russia-annexed Crimea can now get vaccinated in Kherson Region, the press service of the regional state administration has said. Two people from Crimea have already had their first shots in Henichesk.

Ukraine expects to receive 473,850 doses of the Pfizer vaccine under the COVAX facility this and next week, UNICEF Ukraine has said. The first instalment of this batch, 117,000 doses, was delivered today.


The Foreign Ministry has said that Ukraine's position on supplying water to Russia-annexed Crimea remains unchanged: the Dnipro water will flow to the peninsula only after its deoccupation, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Oleh Nikolenko, has said.

Congress of local authorities

The head of the Odesa regional state administration, Serhiy Hrynevetskyy, has been elected head of the Regions Chamber at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities currently meeting in Dnipropetrovsk Region, an correspondent has reported. Earlier, Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyy was elected head of the Local Authorities' Chamber.


Five parties would clear the 5% parliamentary election threshold if an election were held this weekend, a survey by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology has found. These are Servant of the People (17.7%), European Solidarity (15.4%), Opposition Platform-For Life (14.7%), Fatherland (13.9%) and Honour and Dignity (8%).

Most Ukrainians (54%) do not approve of the idea of Volodymyr Zelenskyy running for the second term in office in 2024, according to the survey findings.


The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has searched the homes of the founders of Shariy's Party NGO as they may be involved in campaigning aimed at changing the boundaries of Ukraine and its constitutional order. Law enforcers seized computers, mobile terminals used in illegal activities, the stamp of the Kyiv city office of Shariy's Party and bank cards. Shariy's Party NGO is one of the biggest donors of the eponymous party which the Justice Ministry move to ban in April 2021.

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