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Scoop of the day: Ukrainian serviceman killed by sniper in Donbas

Scoop of the day: Ukrainian serviceman killed by sniper in Donbas


A Ukrainian serviceman was killed by aimed sniper fire near Novotoshkivske, the North Tactical Command has said. The victim was later identified as Maksym Polyovyy, battalion commander of the 128th detached mountain assault brigade.

Thirty-eight Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and 115 wounded in Donbas since the start of the ceasefire in July 2020, Ukraine's permanent envoy to Vienna-based international organisations, Yevhen Tsymbalyuk, has said.

Ukraine will ask the OSCE to change the venue of the trilateral contact group on Donbas, which used to meet in Minsk, top negotiator Leonid Kravchuk has said. He added that the Ukrainian delegation would not be able to travel to Minsk after flights between the two countries have been suspended.

The EU has allocated 25.4m euros in assistance to Donbas residents affected by the war, European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen has said.


The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has denied reports that a large arms batch intercepted by Romanian border guards had come from Ukraine. The Interior Ministry noted that, according to Romanian law enforcers, a lorry carrying almost 3,000 pistols came from Turkey.


The United Partners law firm, which is acting in the interest of the Ukrainian confectionery maker Konti owned by Borys Kolesnikov, has won a tender to buy the Krasnaya Zarya confectionery in Russia's Ivanovo. Konti has owned two factories in Russia's Kursk Region since 2004.

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