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Scoop of the day: Ukraine suspends air traffic with Belarus

Scoop of the day: Ukraine suspends air traffic with Belarus


The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has replied to a protest issued by the Belarusian embassy after Ukraine had suspended flights between the two countries as of 26 May: "It is not Ukraine who is creating probems in relations with Belarus. On the contrary, [it is] the desructive policy of the Belarusian authorities who violate basic human rights, repress their own and foreign citizens, and deprive the country of state sovereignty in favour of Russia." The Foreign Ministry added that it was a forced but necessary step to guarantee Ukrainians' safety.

Ukrainians who will arrive in Belarus for transit after 26 May will have to state this during border control and enter Ukraine by ground transport, the Ukrainian embassy in Belarus has said.


OSCE Secretary-General Helga Maria Schmid will visit Ukraine on 26-30 May to discuss the Organisation's role in monitoring the Donbas situation.


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has referred to parliament bill No 5557 on the foundations of national resistance, which regulates the deveopment of territorial defence, a resistance movement in occupied territories during an armed aggression. The bill would increase the armed forces' strength by 15,000 up to 261 people, including 215,000 servicemen.

Curious incident

A film about Ukrainian servicemen in the Donbas war was played instead of the Opolchenochka film produced by Russia-controlled separatists at the Golden Knight film festival in Russia-occupied Sevastopol, according to Krym.Realii.

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