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Scoop of the day: Concerns about new coronavirus wave

Scoop of the day: Concerns about new coronavirus wave


A new wave of Covid-19 expansion may hit Ukraine from the east before autumn, according to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The share of Ukrainians not planning to get vaccinated from Covid-19 has decreased from 51.5% to 43% since March, a survey by the Razumkov Centre has found out.


The super-fast unmanned aerial vehicle ACE ONE was presented at the Arms and Security Show in Kyiv. It was designed by the International Ukrainian Company ACE.


The European Solidarity faction has announced it will boycott One Plus One TV because of "manipulation, sexism, promotion of pro-Russian messages, and media killing".


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that he is not going to disband parliament.


The secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, Oleksiy Danilov, has denied reports that the Russian supermarket chain Mere will enter the Ukrainian market.

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