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Scoop of the day: Dust storm in Kyiv; NSDC to discuss Indian variant

Scoop of the day: Dust storm in Kyiv; NSDC to discuss Indian variant


The National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) will meet on 23 June to discuss the risks that the Indian variant of the coronavirus carries for Ukraine, the head of the parliamentary health committee, Mykhaylo Radutskyy, has said.

On the morning of 22 June, Ukraine reported 296 new Covid-19 cases. Some 318 patients were hospitalised.


Russia-backed militants sustained losses near Lozove, Donetsk Region on 21 June after tripping their own mines, the spokesman for the Joint Forces Operation, Vitaliy Sarantsev, has said. He noted that the first group was moving between their own positions when they tripped their own mines, while the second group, which was sent to evacuate the first one, also ended up on its minefield.


A dusty fog which covered Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine today was likely caused by dust storms southern Russia and carries no health risks, the State Emergencies Service has said.


The blast which hit an apartment building in Bilohorodka (Kyiv Region) was an attempt to cover up a murder, Kyiv regional police chief Andriy Nyebytov has said. The man who was found dead was not killed by the fire, but his throat was cut, his chest was stabbed three times, his heart and a part of lungs were cut out, he added. The suspect has been detained.

Ukrainian and Moldovan law enforcers have liquidated a large-scale channel for drugs smuggling from Iran to the EU, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said. They have confiscated 235 kg of heroin worth over 10m euros. Seven crime ring members were detained.


Kharkiv businessman Pavlo Fuks has announced that he has suspended his membership in the supervisory board of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Centre after the National Security and Defence Council decided to impose economic sanctions on him. Fuks insists that he is not affiliated with the company mentioned by the NSDC and is planning to challenge its decision in court.

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