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Russian advance on Kharkiv stopped: Head of Kharkiv Administration

One enemy fighter plane destroyed; pilot shoots himself after ejecting

Russian advance on Kharkiv stopped: Head of Kharkiv Administration

Head of Kharkiv Administration Oleh Synehubov reports on the situation in Kharkiv Oblast in the last 24 hours.

Throughout 1 March, Kharkiv’s defences were continuously fired at by enemy air forces, artillery rocket systems and guns.

In the second half of the day, the city’s north-eastern and northern sectors were attacked by enemy mobile forces. All the attacks were repelled. The enemy suffered considerable losses: in terms of hardware only, more than 40 units were destroyed. Kharkiv holds its defensive positions.

Territorial Defence, National Police, and Armed Forces of Ukraine units fought enemy reconnaissance and sabotage units. Trying to leave the city, one of those units attacked a military hospital. One enemy fighter plane was destroyed. The pilot shot himself after ejecting. /88199

At night, enemy Su-25 jets bombed sites near Chuhuiv (Bashkyrivka and the local air field) and in Kharkiv (CHP-5, an armour school on Poltavskyi Shliakh Street and a dormitory on Klochkivska Street).

Resulting fires are being contained. Shells continue to explode.

During the day, approximately 112 people were injured and 21 killed. The information is being clarified.

“We are holding the city and the oblast. We continue to work together with the mayor of the oblast centre and coordinate our actions with districts and communities,” concludes Synehubov.

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